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 About Us  
At Software Analytics, we work with you to help create successful custom software solutions. We can help you with any or all parts of the software development process, from the initial architecture and design through building the system and infrastructure through deploying and even maintaining your system. We work with you to discover your requirements, then design and deliver a solution that works within your budget.

Typically we work with clients who:
  • Want to learn about leading-edge technologies, but don't know where to start
  • Want to quickly learn about leading-edge technologies by learning from the experience of others
  • Need extra help to meet ever-tightening deadlines
Many times the clients:
  • Are tired of being misled by consultants about costs and expectations
  • Have been neglected by companies who supposedly provide infrastructure support
  • Are tired of consultants who finish a job but leave without training the in-house staff
  • Are disappointed with the ability of existing resources to develop solutions that work
We listen to our clients and work closely with them, so they can achieve their goals, get the results they want, and do it at a price they can afford.