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Real-World Reporting in the Enterprise: A Case Study
This session was presented by Bill Bartlett at OracleWorld 2002 as part of the Oracle9i Application Server track. It focuses on a real-world implementation of 9iAS Portal and Reporting at the enterprise level that we developed for one of our clients.

   Presentation Summary: Party City is a specialty retailer of party goods with more than 450 corporate and franchise locations; timely, on-demand access to real-time information is crucial to the success of the corporation and each of these stores. Party City's Intranet and Enterprise Reporting system was built to meet this need. This system, a custom-coded 9iAS Portal and Reports Web application, involves content-switched Web server farms, master and slave report server farms, clustering and failover support, custom monitoring at the application and system level, and significant amounts of custom PDK & JPDK coding. The presentation examines the infrastructure and architecture of this system, the lessons learned during its construction, deployment and support, and the benefits ultimately realized by its successful implementation.  

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Real World Reporting in the Enterprise: A Case Study (Original Presentation)
See here for the original version of the OracleWorld presentation in ZIP format on Oracle's web site:  read more ...

How to Clone a 9iAS Environment
Did you ever need to clone a complete 9iAS environment (to test a system upgrade, prepare for a disaster recovery test, etc.)? Read this document for the method we've discovered to do this successfully.  read more ...


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Clustering in the Lab
This document describes one way to build an clustering solution for use in a tech lab for under $2500. (This is the solution we've put together for several clients for disaster recovery testing and "learning about clustering".)  read more ...

"Poor Man's Clustering"
You say you want to learn about clustering but don't have $2500 to spend? Read this document for a "Poor Man's" solution. DO try this one at home -- clustering is easy once you get the hang of it!  read more ...


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